5 Tough Questions to Ask yourself about Bandera Gold Ltd.

1. Why has Bandera Gold Ltd. not visited the Cinco Minas property in the last 4 years? if they were so sure of getting the option back and winning that frivolous lawsuit they filed against Barnett, don't you think they would have made an effort to keep the local community of Cinco Minas happy and eager to work with them while things got resolved?

2. Why are the ONLY two properties that Bandera has optioned been from a George Barnett companies? why would a company put all their eggs in one basket... and during the last 4 years has the company NOT optioned other mineral concessions with huge potential and done any exploration to create shareholder value. Belmira in Colombia is junk, no amount of drill samples will change that. That's probably why George Barnett did a 2-for-1 special. He had nothing to loose with the Colombian property.

3. Why would you trust Bandera Gold Ltd. any longer when they replace a unknown, penny stock promoter like Kelvin Williams with an even worst candidate that has absolutely no experience in mining and only holds a diploma from local college and to top it off is a Monk? how can someone like that be of any value to a mining company???

4. Why would you trust or invest in a company like Bandera Gold Ltd. with a Board of Directors that like to kill animals for FUN???

5. Why would you hold on to any Bandera Gold Ltd. shares when you can clearly see from pictures and video that there is another company that currently owns and operates the Cinco Minas property in Mexico.

Ex-MSJ Employee and Lawyer FRANCISCO JAVIER GRAJEDA CASTILLO Gunned Down and Killed!!!

MSJ was operated by George Barnett Salazar and is the company which Bandera Gold signed with for the Cinco Minas option. 2 people have bee shot dead and killed over the MSJ/Bandera dispute.

Here is one of them!!

Even more PROOF Bandera Gold is a SCAM! Daniel Cuartas Tamayo

Letter from Daniel Cuartas Tamayo, Director of Minera San Jorge (MSJ) to Kelvin Williams, President of Bandera Gold Ltd., dated July 24, 2007. In this letter Daniel Cuartas Tamayo is accusing Bandera Gold of not living up to its contractual obligations.

Daniel Cuartas Tamayo also signed with Bandera Gold Ltd. for the Belmira property in Colombia, same guy that signed the letter to Bandera Gold Ltd. claiming they did not honor contract. Funny how Bandera Gold only has two claims on properties, one in Mexico and one in Colombia and both are linked to George Barnett Salazar and MSJ in every way.

BULLETIN TYPE: Property-Asset Acquisition
BULLETIN DATE: October 26, 2004
TSX Venture Tier 2 Company

TSX Venture Exchange has accepted for filing a Heads of Agreement dated October
19, 2004 between Nueva California S.A. (Daniel Cuartas Tamayo), Geosermin S.A.
(Daniel Cuartas Tama) (collectively the 'Vendors') and the Company whereby the
Company has been granted an option to acquire an 80% interest in the Belmira
gold-silver project located in Columbia. Consideration over four years is a
cash payment of US$30,000, the assumption of Nueva'a obligations under an
underlying agreement of US$250,000 and the issuance of a total of 2,000,000
shares to the Vendors (1,500,000 shares to Nueva and 500,000 shares to

The agreement also provides for bonus shares to be issued once project
financing is arranged for commercial production. Any proposed bonus shares
payable will be subject to further Exchange review and acceptance.

George Barnett Salazar wanted for Extortion in Mexico!!!

Bandera Gold Director Russel James Renneberg Scamming investors Again!

Nothing honest about Russel James Renneberg of Sherwood Park, Edmonton CANADA, this Bandera Gold director has been at these scams many times before. He got investors to sink over $1.17 million into Gallowai Bul River! only difference is he wasn't the man on top and got stung by his old buddy Ross Stanfield!!! One thief steals from another, CLASSIC! LOL

How can you trust a man that wears sunglasses on a dark cloudy day? Only someone like Russel Renneberg who is trying to hide something would put on his shades!!!! No wonder Bandera Gold investors have jumped ship and stock has tanked to 3 cents. Usually TSX listed stocks don't fall under 10 cents after they finish their pump and dump promotion, but with BGL.V its going under a penny.
Russ Renneberg, Bob Morrison, Julio Mendez picture in Colombia. This was just a photo op  done to trick Bandera investors into thinking that they were actually working at the Belmira mine. No work whatsoever is being done at the Belmira property in Colombia. Only work being done is "money laundering" down in Colombia by Russ renneberg.


W&R Foundation Specialists Ltd
9320 49 St Nw Edmonton AB T6B 2L7 Canada
Karen and Russ Renneberg, Sherwood Park, Alberta

Stephen Roehrig…..seems others share same opinion

Search " Stephen Roehrig edmonton " and the list goes on.

I'd like to know how this individual is going to make this stock move forward because I really don't see how his 'expertise' is going to help. Perhaps I missed that part in the news release. Please correct me if I did miss that part.

I think I'll try to meditate my way into a position on the board of directors so I can pick up a paycheque too! Other than that I think my *cough* gains *cough* with this stock look pretty ... ummm... 'limited'.

Lets focus on the Mexican court system. It's our last hope as I see it. (HINT HINT)

Stephen Roehrig Education:

Building Construction Engineering Program at the Northern Alberta Institute of Technology (“NAIT”)? that's a real joke! .... this course only cost Stephen Roehrig a whopping $1,946 loonies!

Yup, his education definitely fits with the company he is now CEO of....

Bandera Gold's Investor Relations Richard Novis (BAD to the Bone)

Bandera Gold Ltd. Investor Relations Employee Richard Novis linked to numerous proven scam companies. Richard is a good friend of Kelvin Williams who recently resigned as CEO of Bandera Gold ... Kelvin also runs a sleazy stock tout sheet website "Market Trend News" -

Richard Novis 

Richard Novis, President and Chief Executive Officer 

Northern Explorations Ltd. (NXPN) 
Richard Novis, President and Chief Executive Officer

International Oil & Gas, Inc. (IOGC)
Richard Novis, President and Chief Executive Officer

Richard Novis. (604) 415-4531. 9521 Cardston Crt 804. Burnaby, BC V3N4R8

Cinco Minas Legal Representative disgusted by Bandera's actions

Spanish - to English translation (Google Translate)

Bandera Gold Ltd. announced and published information that will allow indirect Amparo 559/2009 and 390/2010 Amparo Directo under review, which corresponds to the index of the Fifth Court on Civil Matters for the Third Circuit, no real evidence that , given that the legal actions filed in various courts and tribunals have been inappropriate, they have been taken in different resources as is the review and has always resulted in the refusal to shelter and protection of the Mexican justice, it is noteworthy that to end a sentence and is being fulfilled not be enforceable and any other resource that is known in Mexican law. While recourse to judicial review to the Supreme Court's Office is also true that there are no elements that could distort what was said in the past by different judicial bodies (courts and tribunals), it appears that only Bandera Gold Ltd. non-thesis only attempts to manipulate that information to the Mexican Justice is very clear and lacks any legal reason, its different manifestations, why all the protections formless, substantiation and truthfulness of the events and claimed them as to date has occurred in any trial they have been covered.

The information discussed is important to make it known, as investors Bandera Gold Ltd, have provided data are apocryphal society, with the sole purpose of prolonging the time in court decisions pending before the Mexican courts, and so gain more time so they do not clarify the facts and thus benefit from the actions of certain investors in Bandera Gold LTD.

Importantly, Bandera Gold Ltd., lacks initiative in investing lawful, as their means to investors is by deception, a mere contract Joint Venture of $ 9,000,000 USD with minimum down payment of 50,000 USD and partial payments of contract which were never fulfilled by Bandera Gold Ltd. and contrary to this, if your finances are reported to the foreign authority that were paid to Minera San Jorge, Minera Amajac and Five Mines, and this is not true, as without proof in Mexico is important to note that Bandera Gold Ltd, do not have any expectation of making any investment tender dark and full of deceit getting investors who invest in a mine which has a different owner that manifests Bandera Gold Ltd not have possession, does not even have documents that are legally registered with the Directorate General of Mines and other competent authorities, as witnesses are the same people and ejidatarios who did not allow access to anyone belonging to companies Bandera Gold Ltd MINERA SAN JORGE, VARIABLE CAPITAL CORPORATION, MINING AND MINING COMPANY Amajac FIVE MINES, CORPORATIONS CAPITAL VARIABLE, BARNETT GEORGE SALAZAR AND / OR GEORGE SALAZAR BARNETT AND / OR JORGE SALAZAR BARNETT ejidatarios have extendable documents, and as a contract terminated by the ejidatarios themselves for breach of contract because it failed to meet its obligations to the ejidatarios and the village of Cinco Minas Hostotipaquillo Jalisco. -SUMMARY-ejidatarios LOT of five pounds, signed a user contract with Minera San Jorge area, VARIABLE CAPITAL CORPORATION, MINING AND MINING COMPANY Amajac CINCO MINAS, CORPORATIONS CAPITAL VARIABLE, BARNETT GEORGE SALAZAR AND / OR GEORGE SALAZAR BARNETT AND / OR JORGE SALAZAR BARNETT, which has already been terminated by the ejidatarios, it sounds illogical that any of the aforementioned companies to enter the lot five pounds, to invest and work.

Bandera Gold Ltd. and Minera San Jorge SA de CV promise and sign the contract before a notary public Hostotipaquillo ejidatarios, Cinco Minas better working conditions and promised to support all the above has documentary evidence such as that signed the contract itself, photographs and videos Hostotipaquillo residents were living Cinco Minas EXTREME POVERTY BY LACK lack of jobs and hoping to work so that today the new company Southridge MINERALS INC. Meets all quality standards and legal resources, as well as commitments to the people and their representatives.


Bandera Gold LTD anunció y publicó información de que le van conceder el Amparo indirecto 559/2009, así como Amparo Directo en revisión 390/2010, el cual corresponde al índice del Quinto Tribunal Colegiado en Materia Civil del Tercer Circuito, testimonios que carecen de verdad, toda vez que, los amparos presentados en diversos Tribunales y Juzgados han sido improcedentes, estos han sido llevados en diferentes recursos tal como lo es la revisión y siempre ha dado como resultado la negativa al amparo y protección de la justicia Mexicana; cabe mencionar que al poner fin a una sentencia y esta al ser ejecutoriada y cumplida no cabe ningún otro recurso que se conozca en la Legislación Mexicana. Si bien es cierto recurrieron al recurso de revisión ante la Suprema Corte de Justicia de la Nación, cierto es también que no hay elementos que puedan desvirtuar lo dicho en anteriores ocasiones por diferentes Organismos Jurisdiccionales, (Tribunales y Juzgados); solo queda de manifiesto que Bandera Gold L.T.D. sín tesis solo trata de manipular una información la cual ante la Justicia Mexicana es muy clara y carece de toda razón legal, sus diferentes manifestaciones, razón por la cual todos sus amparos carecen de forma, fundamentación y veracidad de los actos reclamados y estos como hasta la fecha a ocurrido en ningún juicio los han amparado.

La información expuesta es importante darla a conocer, ya que a los inversionistas de Bandera Gold LTD, se les han proporcionado datos apócrifos de la sociedad, con la única finalidad prolongar el tiempo de las resoluciones en los juicios pendientes ante los Tribunales Mexicanos, y así ganar más tiempo para que no se esclarezcan los hechos y así obtener beneficios de las acciones de ciertos inversionistas dentro de Bandera Gold LTD.

Es importante señalar a Bandera Gold LTD, carece de iniciativa en realizar inversiones licitas, ya que su medio para conseguir inversionistas son por medio de engaños, de un simple contrato Joint Venture, de $9,000,000 usd con pago inicial mínimo de 50,000 usd y pagos parciales del contrato los cuales nunca fueron cumplidas por parte de Bandera Gold LTD y contrario a esto, si aparecen declaradas en sus finanzas ante la autoridad extranjera que fueron pagados a Minera San Jorge, Minera Amajac, y Cinco Minas, y esto no es verdad, ya que carecen de comprobantes en México; es importante resaltar que Bandera Gold LTD, no cuentan con ninguna expectativa de realizar ninguna inversión licita haciéndolas oscuras y llenas de engaños consiguiendo inversionistas que invierten en una mina la cual tiene un dueño diferente al que manifiesta Bandera Gold LTD, tampoco cuentan con posesión, ni siquiera cuenta con documentos que estén registrados legalmente ante la Dirección General de Minas y las demás autoridades competentes, como testigos se encuentran los mismos pobladores y ejidatarios los cuales no les permiten el acceso a nadie que pertenezca a las empresas BANDERA GOLD LTD, MINERA SAN JORGE, SOCIEDAD ANÓNIMA DE CAPITAL VARIABLE, MINERA AMAJAC Y COMPAÑÍA MINERA CINCO MINAS, SOCIEDADES ANÓNIMAS DE CAPITAL VARIABLE, GEORGE BARNETT SALAZAR Y/O GEORGE SALAZAR BARNETT Y/O JORGE BARNETT SALAZAR los ejidatarios cuentan con documentos improrrogables, así como un contrato rescindido por los mismos ejidatarios por incumplimiento del contrato ya que no cumplió con las obligaciones contraídas hacia los ejidatarios y el pueblo de Hostotipaquillo Cinco Minas Jalisco. –SINTESIS- Los Ejidatarios del LOTE CINCO MINAS , celebraron un contrato de uso de superficie con MINERA SAN JORGE, SOCIEDAD ANÓNIMA DE CAPITAL VARIABLE, MINERA AMAJAC Y COMPAÑÍA MINERA CINCO MINAS, SOCIEDADES ANÓNIMAS DE CAPITAL VARIABLE, GEORGE BARNETT SALAZAR Y/O GEORGE SALAZAR BARNETT Y/O JORGE BARNETT SALAZAR, el cual ya fue RESCINDIDO, por parte de los ejidatarios, suena ilógico que alguna de las empresas antes mencionadas puedan entrar al lote CINCO MINAS, a invertir o trabajar.

Bandera Gold LTD y Minera San Jorge SA DE CV prometen y firman contrato ante notario público con ejidatarios de Hostotipaquillo, Cinco Minas mejores condiciones laborales así como apoyos prometidos de todo lo anterior se cuenta con pruebas documentales como el contrato en sí que firmaron, fotografías y videos que los habitantes de Hostotipaquillo Cinco Minas estuvieron viviendo CARENCIA EXTREMA DE POBREZA POR FALTA DE EMPLEO y la esperanza de trabajo por lo que al día de hoy la nueva empresa SOUTHRIDGE MINERALS INC. Cumple todos los estándares de calidad y legales necesarios, así como los compromisos para los habitantes y sus representantes.

Mexican Lawyers speak their mind... does not look good at all of Bandera.

Subject with chronological order that one is due to have to do with the Minera San Jorge S.A. de C.V. - Bandera Gold Ltd against of the employees Cinco Minas.

1. George Bernett, administrator of Minera San Jorge S.A. de C.V. that of arbitrary and unwarranted way closed the company in mention, reason by which was demanded labor under I number of file 139/2008, by unwarranted dismissal on the part of its workers that made merit their rights before the Meeting of Conciliation and Arbitration, in the State of Jalisco.

2. The workers of Minera San Jorge S.A. de C.V. under the representation Alejandro De Leon Garcia, like proxy, who made merit the rights of represented his required the payment of all and each of the debts that as landlord acquired George Bernett, and this refusing to the payment of the liquidation of the workers who to their right correspond according to the Federal Law of the Work.

3. The workers when seeing the refusal of the payment of Minera San Jorge S.A. de C.V., demanded the liquidation, in resolution of the Special Meeting number Eighteen of Conciliation and Arbitration in the State of Jalisco, one takes I finish the request of execution of sentence which mentions that for want of the payment by the landlord it takes I finish an embargo by means of an award that causes state and he is not resorted by the demanded one to that does not interest to him to eliminate the workers.

4. Alejandro De Leon Garcia, legal proxy of the workers, executes and obstructs goods in favor of his represented being these Mining Titles, which were indicated at the time of the embargo diligence, this under the envestidura of the Judicial authority, being the rights that were briefed to the workers by means of the award to their favor having been all the titles and concessions obstructed in favor of Alejandro De Leon Garcia representing the workers.

5. Later Bandera Gold Ltd, claimed to be partner of Minera San Jorge S.A. de C.V., since this one, says realised, a commercial agreement of joint investment called “Join venture”, which appealed that it was not notified of litis labor between the Employees of Minera San Jorge S.A. de C.V. and the Proprietor of this, reason by which Bandera Gold Ltd, promoted a Shelter before the competent Courts which corresponded the shelter to him I number 559/2009, by means of which it tried to demonstrate that it was not notified of litis that exists between its supposed Mining partner Minera San Jorge S.A. de C.V. and his employees, and thus to demonstrate that it was not taken I correctly finish the procedures that took to the employees to be owners of the Mining Titles, reason by which required the shelter and protection of the Mexican Laws and these in different instances denied the shelter to him to their request, since with office I number 5296 of eleven of August of two thousands eight, the Assistant director of the Mining registry informed that was registered and embargo inscription that I carry out myself on thirty titles of mining concessions in the origin judgment took place by the Main directorate of Mines and the Direction of the Public Registry of the Mining the nine of July of year two thousands eight, in addition as the annotation is realised in the electronic card in the integral system of the Direction of Mines, the one that is available in the page of Internet, it is obvious that Bandera Gold had knowledge of the demanded act, these arguments were indicated by different authorities, reason by which is not originating any of its demands of shelter, it is possible to mention that they took his requests you dare of the revision resource, until the Supreme Court of Law of the Nation, that is the maximum Judicial authority in Mexico, but as already I am indicated in previous lines its request does not fit since they were always found out litis that it took I finish between his supposed partner and the employees of this, is possible to make mention that in Mexican laws first are the rights of the workers on any other interest.

6. In addition, it is to emphasize that Bandera Gold Ltd, it always had knowledge of the origin judgment, and ende of the closing hearing and awarding of the Titles of mining concession obstructed by the workers the seven of October of year two thousands eight (exp 139/2008), when the assigned to together happiness, fixed actuary in boards the agreement and the call of the goods matter of the closing, as well as in boards of the Constitutional City council of Guadalajara, which tests total that if I notify Bandera Gold Ltd, and Minera San Jorge S.A. de C.V., of this closing.

7. In publication done by Bandera Gold Ltd, you dare of its page, declared that I realise a “BOND” (guarantee), by $500.000 usd, like guarantee for the payment of the workers of its supposed Mining partner San George, which really lacks since the reality as it can be verified in Main Revision 287/2009 of the index of the Second Associated Court in the matter of the Work of the Third Circuit, I locate this society, and appeared the proxy of this, in order to grant a special power to represent them in the judgment, in addition in the conciliation hearing it demands and exceptions, offer and admission of tests of eighteen of July of two thousands eight, had to the parts celebrating an agreement the one that I rise to the category of following ejecutoriado award the one of July in which they were committed to pay to the actor (workers) the amount of $950.000,00 pesos, paying attention dates for his I compliment, in the hearing of four of July of two thousands eight, since the demanded ones did not appear to fulfill the agreement I become ordained execution car, reason why in that same date, the actuary I constitute myself in the address of the demanded ones and came to the embargo from diverse personal property as well as thirty titles from mining operation and property operation.

8. Bandera Gold Ltd, did not fulfill a principle, basic established in the Mexican shelter, as it is it the principle of “definitividad”, since by means of eight and seven publications of October of year two thousands eight, were in aptitude to appear to the celebrated hearing of closing the four of November following and to make merit their possible one straight of preference of credit by means of the corresponding mediation or to interpose incident of invalidity of activities, as well as the revision of the execution proceedings.


Tema con orden cronológico que se debe tener que ver con el asunto de Minera San George S.A. de C. V. – Bandera Gold LTD contra de los empleados Cinco Minas.

1. George Bernett, dueño y administrador de Minera San George S.A. de C.V. quien de manera arbitraria e injustificada cerró la empresa en mención, motivo por el cual fue demandado laboralmente bajo el numero de expediente 139/2008, por despido injustificado por parte de sus trabajadores quienes hicieron valer sus derechos ante la Junta de Conciliación y Arbitraje, en el Estado de Jalisco.

2. Los trabajadores de Minera San George, bajo la representación Alejandro de León García, como apoderado, quien hiciera valer los derechos de sus representados requirió el pago de todas y cada unas de las deudas que como patrón adquiriera George Bernett, y este negándose al pago de la liquidación de los trabajadores que a su derecho corresponden conforme a la Ley Federal del Trabajo.

3. Los trabajadores al ver la negativa del pago de Minera San George, demandaron la liquidación, en resolución de la Junta Especial número Dieciocho de Conciliación y Arbitraje en el Estado de Jalisco, se lleva acabo la solicitud de ejecución de sentencia la cual menciona que a falta del pago por el patrón se lleve acabo un embargo por medio de un laudo que causa estado y no es recurrido por el demandado a quien no le interesa liquidar a los trabajadores.

4. Alejandro de León García, apoderado legal de los trabajadores, ejecuta y embarga bienes a favor de sus representados siendo estos Títulos Mineros, los cuales fueron señalados al momento de la diligencia de embargo, esto bajo la envestidura de la autoridad Judicial, quedando los derechos que fueron consignados a los trabajadores por medio del laudo a su favor quedando todos los títulos y concesiones embargados a favor de Alejandro de león García representante de los trabajadores.

5. Posteriormente Bandera Gold Ltd, dijo ser socio de Minera San George, ya que éste, dice realizó, un acuerdo comercial de inversión conjunta llamada “Join venture”, el cual apeló que no fue notificado de la litis laboral entre los Empleados de Minera San George y el Propietario de esta, motivo por el cual Bandera Gold Ltd, promov
ió un Amparo ante los Tribunales competentes el cual le correspondió el amparo numero 559/2009, mediante el cual pretendía demostrar que no fue notificado de la litis que existe entre su supuesto socio Minera San George y sus empleados, y así demostrar que no fue llevado acabo correctamente los procedimientos que llevaron a los empleados a ser dueños de los Títulos Mineros, motivo por el cual requirió el amparo y protección de las Leyes Mexicanas y estas en diferentes instancias le negaron el amparo a su petición, ya que con oficio numero 5296 de once de agosto de dos mil ocho, la Subdirectora del registro Minero hizo del conocimiento que se registró e inscripción de embargo que se llevo a cabo sobre treinta títulos de concesiones mineras en el juicio de origen se efectuó por la Dirección General de Minas y por la Dirección del Registro Público de la Minería el nueve de julio del año dos mil ocho, además como se realiza la anotación en la tarjeta electrónica en el sistema integral de la Dirección de Minas, la que se encuentra disponible en la pagina de internet, es obvio que bandera Gold tuvo conocimiento del acto reclamado, estos argumentos fueron señalados por diferentes autoridades, motivo por el cual no es procedente ninguna de sus demandas de amparo, cabe mencionar que llevaron sus peticiones atreves del recurso de revisión, hasta la Suprema Corte de Justicia de la Nación, quien es la máxima autoridad Judicial en México, pero como ya se señalo en líneas anteriores no cabe su petición ya que siempre estuvieron enterados de la litis que se llevaba acabo entre su supuesto socio y los empleados de esta, cabe hacer mención que en las leyes Mexicanas primero están los derechos de los trabajadores sobre cualquier otro interés.

6. Además, es de subrayarse que Bandera Gold, siempre tuvo conocimiento del juicio de origen, y ende de la audiencia de remate y adjudicación de los Títulos de concesión minera- embargados por los trabajadores el siete de octubre del año dos mil ocho (exp 139/2008), cuando el actuario adscrito a dicha junta, fijo en los tableros el acuerdo y la convocatoria de los bienes materia del remate, así como en los tableros del Ayuntamiento Constitucional de Guadalajara, lo que hace prueba plena que si se notifico a bandera Gold Ltd, y Minera San George, de dicho remate.

7. En publicación hecha por bandera Gold Ltd, atreves de su pagina , manifestó que realizo un “BOND” (fianza), por $500,000 usd, como garantía para el pago de los trabajadores de su supuesto socio Minera San George, lo cual carece de verdad ya que la realidad como puede verificarse en la Revisión Principal 287/2009 del índice del Segundo Tribunal Colegiado en Materia del Trabajo del Tercer Circuito, se emplazo a dicha sociedad, y compareció el apoderado de esta, a fin de otorgar un poder especial para representarlas en el juicio, además en la audiencia de conciliación demanda y excepciones, ofrecimiento y admisión de pruebas de dieciocho de julio de dos mil ocho, se tuvo a las partes celebrando un convenio el que se elevo a la categoría de laudo ejecutoriado el uno de julio siguiente en que se comprometieron a pagar el actor (trabajadores) la cantidad de $950,000.00 pesos, fijándose fechas para su cumplimento, en la audiencia de cuatro de julio de dos mil ocho, dado que no comparecieron los demandados para cumplir con el convenio se ordeno auto de ejecución, por lo que en esa misma fecha, el actuario se constituyo en el domicilio de las demandadas y procedió al embargo de diversos bienes muebles así como treinta títulos de explotación minera y explotación de propiedad.

8. Así mismo, Bandera Gold LTD, no cumplió con un principio, básico establecido en el amparo Mexicano, como lo es el principio de “definitividad”, ya que mediante publicaciones de siete y ocho de octubre del año dos mil ocho, estuvo en aptitud de comparecer a la audiencia de remate celebrada el cuatro de noviembre siguiente y hacer valer su posible derecho de preferencia de crédito mediante la tercería correspondiente o interponer incidente de nulidad de actuaciones, así como la revisión de los actos de ejecución.

Gerardo Rojas Pedraza was the lawyer for Bandera Gold that lost the case at the Supreme Court of Mexico

Gerardo Rojas Pedraza was the lawyer for Bandera that lost the case at the Supreme Court of Mexico. Look at pictures of Gerardo's office!!! Bandera had no chance...hiring a lawyer that works out of his house in the SLUMS of Guadalajara Mexico... not a very wise decision. Sometimes you get what you pay for... well in Bandera's case they never PAID Gerardo... that's why he jumped ship.

What a RIPER...wink, wink

Evidence that proves Bandera Gold involved in Millions of $$$$ Money Laundering Scheme

Evidence that proves Bandera Gold involved in Millions of $$$$ Money Laundering Scheme in Mexico

Money was wired to Mexican HSBC accounts controlled by Bandera Gold Ltd. and funneled back out of country straight into pockets of Bandera's directors. Bandera Gold was given control of HSBC account xxxxxx6196 and xxxxxx6261 on November 21, 2007.
Clear as day in this document.

Download Here:

FATHER: Oscar William Renneberg
MOTHER: Dorothy Wedewer 
 1. Roy Anthony Renneberg
 2. Noel Neil Renneberg
 3. Russel James Renneberg
 4. Clayton Daniel Renneberg
 5. Norma Marie Renneberg
 6. Brian Edward Renneberg

FATHER: Russel James Renneberg
MOTHER: Karen Robertson 
 1. Candice Melissa Renneberg
 2. Curt Russel Renneberg    (780) 922-4882
 3. Clinton Brent Renneberg, b. 6 Aug 1975, Saskatoon, Canada
FATHER: Clayton Daniel Renneberg 
MOTHER: Maureen Lynn Cousins 
1. Deneal Anne Renneberg
2. Max Clayton Renneberg
3. Bethany Ellen Renneberg
4. Arden Oscar Renneberg
FATHER: Roy Anthony Renneberg
MOTHER: Carla Helen Jungwirth 

 1. Derek Renneberg
 2. Gina Catherine Renneberg
FATHER: Noel Neil Renneberg
MOTHER: Linda Marlene Froelich 
1. Neil Renneberg
2. Crystal Renneberg
3. Ryan Renneberg
Brian Edward Renneberg
Denise Anne Diederichs 
 1. Keith Brian Renneberg
 2. Scott Michael Renneberg
 3. Anthony Renneberg
Norma Marie Renneberg
Roy William Norris 
 1. Denise Renne Norris
 2. Christine Norris
 3. Colleen Marie Norris
 4. Diane Elaine Norris

Cinco Minas - A Dark and Troubled History by George S Barnett

The author of this post was someone claiming to be George Barnett on Yahoo Finance:

My wife and I tried to keep the construction on the pilot plant going, unbeknownst to us, Bandera Gold Ltd. was paying locals to sabotage the construction of the pilot plant and after we finally got it up and running, the operations of the plant. Locals actually opened valves and poured cyanide laced waters out of the sump used to pump the water from the tailings pond back to the tanks feeding into the agitation tanks. They killed some of their own cattle!! We filed criminal complaints against them, but the parents asked us please not to prosecute the culprits as these were serious FEDERAL charges, and the only damages were the killing of their own cattle. We paid for watchmen to keep out thieves from the plant site for a long time after we were forced to shut down because of the sabotage and serious interruptions caused by attacks on my wife and me due to lies and false charges, rumors and troublemakers paid by Bandera Gold Ltd. to stir up trouble for us. During all times relevant we continuously asked BGL to sit down with us and settle our differences. The most telling fact, that is undeniable, is that at any time after we could no longer sustain the economic losses incurred due to the locals being paid to sabotage the pilot plant operations, Bandera Gold Ltd. could have followed through on its promises to the locals that: "Once you oust the Barnett´s we will step in within four days and you will all be fully employed again." This never happened.

The commonsense thing to have done was for BGL to continue to invest in the project and sue us in court IF we did not comply to the letter of the law with the Letter of Option. Instead, BGL chose the ambush approach, bribery and sabotaging of operations meant only to maintain the status quo, until and when BGL regained its senses. This has still not happened, but they will come to their senses some day. We liken it to the Germans in WWII, all went for naught, really not much was accomplished, except Europe was rebuilt and Germany is now one of the largest economies in the world.

We wish every positive result for the locals, for BGL shareholders and for ourselves or new owner/investors. However, just as the locals could not grasp that by sabotaging the pilot plant and the mining operations, they were crapping in their own soup, destroying one of the major sources of employment in this region since the mines shut down in after 1928 due to the violence and murdering of the American mining engineer(s) by the locals in the miners´ union established by Concepción Martinez who was arrested for machine gunning the home Trotsky was staying at in Mexico City. David Alfaro Siquieros, the great muralist was a founder of one of the first miners union in Mexico, and was a renowned leader of the Communist Party. He hid in a cave NNW of Hostotipaquillo, the county seat of the county Cinco Minas is located in. There has been a long history of destructive behavior and actions taken by locals stirred to action by outside agitators who leave behind death and destruction, with NO provision for feeding the poor or taking care of the elderly, both things my wife and I consider fundamental to being human.

Questions by Blinded Bandera Investor - Reader Beware!

1) How long will the legal case take? Legal case has been lost by Bandera Gold Ltd. on August 17, 2011 as shown on the Mexican Supreme Court website. They might continue with an appeal of some kind to give the appearance to shareholders that there is still hope (pass the burning matchstick).... if that happens you are easily looking at a minimum 3 years in the Mexican Court System.

2) Is a settlement even possible? It's impossible, it's NOT convenient to either party to settle. First off, Bandera Gold Ltd./Russel Renneberg is a scam run by professional Scammers from Edmonton Canada. They have no interest in continuing with the Cinco Minas - Gran Cabrera project. They have already sold all their stock during their Pump and Dump many years ago, besides, settling would involve having to deal with sociopath George Barnett Salazar, and even people in Colombia know he is a Schizophrenic, Bi-polar Psychopath that cannot be TRUSTED anymore. Second, both Bandera/Russel James Renneberg and George Salazar Barnett know that Southridge owns Cinco Minas and arguing this fact would involve years of litigation (min. 5 years) and hundreds of thousands of dollars in legal fees. Third, both Bandera-Russel James Renneberg and George Salazar Barnett are aware of the fact that Southridge Minerals Inc. signed a Surface Rights Contract with the Cinco Minas Ejidatarios. There is NO arguing with this very important fact... Bandera Gold or George Barnett simply CANNOT and will NOT have access to the Cinco Minas properties for the next 50 years or until the contract with the Cinco Minas Ejidatarios expires. So without ACCESS to the mineral concessions you can't do any exploration, thus making it 100% IMPOSSIBLE for either Bandera Gold or George S Barnett to raise further monies.... its GAME OVER for both.

Promissory Note - Amajac S.A. De C.V. and Alejandro De Leon/Alfonso Sanchez

Promissory Note - Amajac S.A. De C.V. and Alejandro De Leon/Alfonso Sanchez 

Alejandro De Leon and Alfonso Sanchez LOANED $1,000,000 CASH to Amajac/George Barnett in May 2007.

Google Translate:

Promissory Note

In the city of Guadalajara, Jalisco to the 14 day of May 2007. I unconditionally and will pay for this pay to the order of alfonso sanchez navarro and / or Alexander of leaon grace in the city of Guadalajara, Jalisco. in any other that I require payment on June 14, 2007, the amount of $ 1,000,000.00 (one million pesos 00/100 mn) received in cash value to my satisfaction, this promissory note is subject to the condition that not paid at the maturity date until the day of its liquidation would cause interest on arrears at a rate of 3% (three percent) payable monthly in this city, together with the principal.

legal representative of Amajac SA de CV
Lic. Pedro Sanchez andres Mejorada Corral

Cinco Minas Ejidatarios SPEAK OUT!!!!!

Ejidatarios from Cinco Minas SPEAK OUT against Bandera Gold Ltd. and George Barnett Salazar!!!!!!

Watch Video Here:

If link doesn't work just go to YouTube and search term "CINCO MINAS"

Here is description of video:

Video showing Ejidatarios want nothing to do with Bandera Gold Ltd. and George Barnett Salazar. Damning evidence by Ejidatarios that Bandera contaminated water with cyanide and killed local cattle, that George Barnett never had Surface Rights with Ejidatarios and had stolen "ATTENDEE LIST" and used in fake contract.

Bandera Gold (BGL.V) has NO Surface Rights!

In Mexico its simple... if you don't have Surface Rights you can't ACCESS the property no matter if you have the mineral concessions titles. Having mineral concession titles simply gives you the right to the minerals that are "UNDER-THE-SURFACE". It is up to the concession holder to work out a deal with the land owners, who in this case would be the "Ejidatarios"** of Cinco Minas. These Ejidatarios are free to do as they wish with their Land, including but not limited to leasing it to a 3rd party. There is no package deal when you acquire the mineral concession rights, no protection from the local Government, No LAW that obligates or forces the Ejidatario to sign with the concession holder.

That is why it is so important to have the Ejidatarios who are usually the workers or family of workers / miners on your good side..... which, we all know Bandera Gold Ltd. and George Barnett Salazar really messed that up!!! they turned the whole village of Cinco Minas against them when they left those poor people to starve to death. Its really not that hard to understand:


Can't even begin to compare this matter to oil & gas rights in US. Laws are different in Mexico... but just for fun let's entertain the idea that it could go to court, you would be looking at min. 5 years or more of litigation. Those Ejidatarios will definitely raise hell when they learn someone is trying to take away their current income. 

** A member of one of the communal land ownership schemes known as ejidos 

Letter from Mexican Mining Ministry says "NO TO BANDERA GOLD"

Letter from Mexican Mining Ministry says that titles can NEVER be put in Bandera Gold name. Its as simple as that! Signed and Stamped by the mining registry, call them directly if you don't believe it... telephone number is at the bottom of letterhead. Why do you think George Barnett Salazar has surfaced online just now and is trying to persuade Bandera Gold Ltd. to come to terms. He knows this goose is cooked!

What's really funny is George Salazar Barnett is saying he is a Multi-Millionaire from Tucson Arizona!!! LOLOLOL.... wealthy people don't waste time posting online.

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